These mysterious booms come and go. We want to know if you felt the one that happened Tuesday, March 24th a little after 12:30 p.m. If you did, where do you live?

So when I felt it on Tuesday I was at home doing some work when my entire house started shaking and heard a large booming sound. I have heard these booms before but never one this big. I live near Smith's in Twin Falls and I swear it sounded like a huge truck was driving through my living room.

Some people say they are from the bombing range, others say it is Mountain Home, some even say aliens or earthquakes. Now, I obviously can't rule all of those out. Mountain Home Air Force Base always says it is not them, they aren't doing anything. Nothing was reported earthquake wise either. As far as the bombing range and aliens, yea people are on their own with that explanation.

If you felt the massive boom, what part of the Magic Valley do you live in? We were getting reports from Carey, Twin Falls, Filer and others but it appeared many in Twin Falls said they didn't hear or feel anything. I didn't see any reports from Jerome but Buhl residents weighed in as well.

Some people were making the correlation between weather and the booms. Admittedly I don't think we got any reports of them all winter long. They seem to be more frequent in spring and fall. Who knows. Definitely not Mountain Home Air Force Base.

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