Yes I spelled that correctly. Tigger, an adorable pup is looking for his forever home at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Tigger guys! T - I Double Guh Errr! That spells Tigger!

According to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter Tigger is very much like the Winnie The Pooh character he is named after and is a big bouncing ball full of energy. He is apparently good with other dogs but really does better with female dogs. However, Tigger is not a big fan of cats.

I'm sure you saw my post earlier about how fantastic I am but here I am again! And I know you see a lot about me...

Posted by People For Pets - Twin Falls Animal Shelter on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

As you can see by this video he truly is a ball of energy. And obviously really enjoys a good game of fetch. Tigger has been at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter for almost 2 months according to the shelter and really wants to find a loving home. Some place that can handle the energy that he will undoubtedly throw your way.

If you have the energy of Rabbit, the heart of Piglet, the compassion of Pooh and the wisdom to know how to take care of Tigger like Owl does, you may have found your new best friend. And if your name is Christopher Robin well, you definitely need this guy. (See what I did there)

None of my dogs like to play fetch, they get excited about a ball for about 3 seconds and then they are over it. They are much more likely to get in a wrestling match with you than play tug of war or fetch. One of my dogs is bling in one eye and so when you try to get him to catch it kind of just bounces off his snoot.

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