Mother's Day is less than two weeks away.  And for the lifetime of sacrifices she's made for you . . . you could at least drop a few bucks on something she actually wants.

According to a new survey of moms by and PR Newswire, here are the top three gifts that mothers want . . .

#1.)  A day at the spa

#2.)  A gift card

#3.)  Something homemade

As for the gift that they DON'T want . . . the number one answer was "flowers."

Now, beyond the gift:  32% of moms said the way they most want to spend Mother's Day is by having a nice family meal out.  30% want to spend time with the family at home.

Of the non-mothers in the survey, only 22% say they plan to spend at least $25 more on a Mother's Day gift this year.

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