One of my biggest pet peeves has to be people who litter. Apparently, it is this woman's pet peeve too. I have to admit this video is a must watch and a must applaud.

According to the Facebook post, these people were waiting to drive down the canyon to do some kayaking when they watched the people in front of them throw out an empty cup, then a bag of trash. Needless to say, this woman wasn't taking it sitting down. She gets out of the vehicle, grabs the trash, yells something at them and throws the trash in the back of their truck.

Now, the truck has kayaks in it as well, that means they live and play here too. We live in such a beautiful area, let's not make this a bad habit and dirty the place up.

I have to admit this person has way more gumption than I do. I wouldn't have yelled or thrown the trash back at them. I would have probably just picked it up. I don't like confrontation but bravo to her for telling them what's what.

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