The saying about beauty and the beholder’s eyes may be a bit cliche, but perhaps not entirely without substance. How to define attractiveness can be quite subjective. It is important to set certain parameters.

How Does This Study Quantify What is Attractive?

Putting together a study, Zippia decided to take in 5 different factors that aid a person in a state of being attractive and grade each state accordingly. Obesity, activity level, average income, lack of STD’s (now they’re called STI’s), and interest in hair, clothes, and grooming were the parameters set for the study.

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It calls into question how an activity level defines attractiveness. Couldn’t someone who is an active hiking enthusiast be an ogre with one eye and a vestigial arm? There are many obese people considered quite lovely. Wouldn’t someone with an STI have had intimate relations to contract said STI? Ergo, not completely hideous to gaze upon. Does a higher-than-average income add to one’s attractiveness? Bill Gates and Hugh Hefner would say yes.

Credit Zippia
Credit Zippia

Putting away the tangential thought, and taking the offered parameters at face value, Idaho did not even rank in the top 20, much less the top 10. It appears that aside from Illinois and Minnesota, much of the central United States has got some work ahead of them.

The number 1 state is a little surprising. New Jersey? Let’s break this down. This means that people in New Jersey spend much of their over than average income on plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, personal trainers, clothes, hair products, makeup, and thankfully - latex. Ya, New Jersey, they’re so pretty.

Is 23rd Most Attractive in a List of 50 Considered Ugly?

Take pride in the mediocrity of the 23rd most attractive in this report. It seems people in Idaho have a middle-of-the-road approach when it comes to being obsessed with what they wear and how they look. Maybe we could have a healthier stance on STI’s, but it’s good to have something to work on.

Idaho is Pretty Darn Happy, See Where it Ranked Against U.S.

We are proud to say - with no big surprise to us- that Idaho did great. We were in the top ten in the country for the gem state and even moved up 3 spots than we did last year. Check out the top 10 with a few details below.

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