It isn't like it takes a long time to get anywhere in Twin Falls. However, if you were using distance as an excuse not to go get donuts from Jim Bob's & Sons, you don't have that anymore.

Starting today, Jim Bob's has announced that they are now having their donuts available at Castle's Corner on Blue Lakes here in Twin Falls.

The official location to get the donuts is 1230 Blue Lakes Blvd and on May 6 the first 50 customers between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. got a free donut. Well, that sounds fantastic and if you didn't get a free donut, the good news is you can grab a dozen or two just because.

All I have to say is thankfully I don't have to drive by there to come to work because I may have to stop and get some on a regular basis. They have to be my favorite place to grab a donut in Twin Falls.

Are you excited or nervous for the new location?

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