The nation may be in near-complete quarantine this week, but Monday night (Apr. 6) continued with pre-taped Battles rounds on The Voice, giving us all a bit of respite from coronavirus news. The show features returning coaches Blake SheltonKelly Clarkson and John Legend; plus new coach Nick Jonas, pitting their team members against each other in cutthroat duets to see who will move on to the final round.

As always, this segment of the show features help from celebrity mentors, with Shelton choosing Bebe Rexha, Clarkson earmarking pop star Dua Lipa, Legend enlisting Ella Mai, and Jonas keeping things simple with his own brothers Joe and Kevin.

Shelton's battle for the night consisted of Jon Mullins vs. Todd Tilghman, a formidable pair of vocalists who both have compelling backstories. Despite their proven ability to handle real-life drama, Shelton seemed a little hesitant regarding the song he'd chosen for the pair to perform: Shenandoah's "Ghost in This House."

As he related, "This is a song that, like, when I was in, like, middle school was a huge country probably isn't really in their wheelhouse at all, and they probably already regret choosing me as their coach, but to me, battle rounds is like you got to throw something at these guys and see if they step up or not."

He added, "This is a classic song that is sacred to hardcore country music fans, and it's under a microscope anytime somebody performs something like this."

Tilghman, a father of eight kids, told both Shelton and Rexha that he had some high hopes for his battle. "To be away from my family to be here is really, really difficult, but "The Voice" could change everything for me. Right now, I only sing at church. I don't perform or record. And to be able to support my family strictly through music would be a dream."

Meanwhile, Mullins had his own family concerns to share: "My wife is my biggest supporter, biggest fan. I couldn't live without her. Years ago, my wife fell and hit her head. She started to lose speech and motor functions. Thank God over time, she started to get better."

Wnen it came down to the battle, both singers had no problem putting forth convincing fronts on the sad ballad. When it came down to decide their fate, Shelton was hesitant. "I made a monumental mistake by pairing you two together," he admitted. "Jon, that's really to your credit. You're the one that stepped up and made this into this impossible decision because it was such an epic performance." 

That said, Shelton went ahead and granted the battle to Tilghman. However, things perked up right away when Jonas handily used his steal to grab Mullins.

After Mullins roared with delight at being saved, Jonas gave his thoughts on the steal. "The thing I love about Jon's voice is that he's got this ability to deeply connect it to emotion, and you can't teach that," he said. I" was impressed by his blind audition, and I even said, 'If I get the chance, I'm gonna steal you.' Um, and I did!"

The Voice has been pre-taped prior to the coronavirus pandemic, so fans will be able to keep watching and enjoying the contestants' progresses through the rest of the season. Check back each Monday to see how your favorites fare!

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