"You live in Idaho? Are there potatoes everywhere?"
"What do you have in Idaho? Potatoes?"
"What is there to do in Idaho? You just eat potatoes all day?"
"Oh, Idaho! That's the state with potatoes, right?"
"Idaho? You-da-hoe. Sorry that's all I know about Idaho. And the potatoes."

I kid you not, MULTIPLE people have said these exact words or something of the like when mention of living in Idaho comes up. So this Christmas everyone is getting an Idaho themed gift basket to learn there's more to the gem state than potatoes. As such, there will be no potatoes in this basket!

Best I can do is something potato shaped, because imperative to the gift basket is a bundle of Idaho Spud bars! Dark chocolate, coconut, and marshmallow. Deliciously simple. Fun fact, this bad boy was first manufactured in 1918 and to this day is Idaho Candy Company's best seller. Click here to order some for yourself.

While we're on the sweet treat tip, Mallows from Creek Side Mallow Co. earn their way into the basket. I had no idea marshmallows could be this versatile. With over 20 flavors, including Birthday Cake, Banana Bread, Hot Chocolate, and Huckleberry, there's something for everyone! For the holidays I'll go with Peppermint Chip, Hot Chocolate, and Toffee Crunch. Click here to order a few bags of your own or pick some up in person at any of these locations.

Speaking of huckleberry (remember, it's one of the Mallow flavors), a good jam is in order! Huckleberry is the state fruit after all. And while I'd love to put a huckleberry Bellini in the basket there are clear logistical issues with that idea. So a huckleberry jam from Homemade By Dorothy will do the trick. I go through about 3 jars a month. Spread it on sourdough, hot damn it's delicious. Order a jar here!

What better to wash down all those goodies than with local wine from Ste. Chapelle? My advice is to book a tasting and get the wine for the basket after. I mean, give yourself a good time while you shop for someone else, I always say. But you can always order online (if you're age 21 or older, of course).

I know, so far everything has been food or drink...until now! Can't make an Idaho themed basket without adding merch from BSU, especially now that the the Bronco football team is the winningest team in college football history. Definitely have to represent that! Plus that orange and blue combo is iconic! For winter I'm opting for a nice hoodie to put in the basket. You can order one along with other merch here.

Finally, Idaho Lottery tickets. The prospect of winning money is exciting! Scratchers are the way to go for a gift basket. There's a buzz that comes with scratching off spaces not knowing if you're going to win and feeling equal parts hopeful and anxious as you go along. If the recipient of the gift basket doesn't win any money, it's cool because they didn't buy the ticket. And if they do win, you're officially the best friend ever. Not to mention Idaho officially becomes their favorite state. Can't buy them online, but you can check here to find your nearest lottery ticket retailer.

I'd say that's a damn good gift basket and nary a potato in sight! There are so many more things I'd love to add, but a girl isn't made of money. Have to draw the line somewhere. But what's your ideal basket? Is there something you'd replace from this list?


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