If you ever attended Twin Falls High School, you can't help but remember the statue of the bruin, which stood proudly in the main foyer.  The Twin Falls Bruin statue has been retired since 2005 and a committee is working to restore it.Earlier this year, The Twin Falls High School Class of 1975 asked the Twin Falls School District if they could borrow the Twin Falls Bruin statue for their upcoming 40th reunion this summer.  But when they saw it, they couldn't help but notice that the bruin had seen better days.

In its current state, the statue is missing part of a back paw, its tongue, and most if not all of its claws.  Time has chipped away the paint, and as you can see by the photos, there's a little bit of graffiti to contend with.

The Twin Falls High School Class of 75 reunion committee has taken on the task of restoring the bruin to its former glory.  Thier plan is to raise enough funds to have the fiberglass repaired and all the missing parts fully restored.  At the moment, most of the restorative work is complete and the committee is now raising funds to have the statue placed in safety glass so that it can be protected once returned to the Twin Falls High School foyer.  The projected costs of the enclosure come to $6,780. The project has $542.78 left following repair costs so they still need to raise $6,237.22.

Funds are being collected via the Twin Falls School District Education Foundation.  You can download a copy of a donation form and earmark your contribution for the 'Save The Bruin 1975' restoration project.