When we asked which intersection was guilty of hosting most red light runners in Twin, the answers didn’t shock us, but we were surprised about one street that we didn’t expect to carry the most offenses.

Keep reading to see the entire naughty list and see if you can guess which street in Twin Falls has the most intersections where people just cannot seem to wait to go until it’s their turn.

Most Ridiculously Run Traffic Lights in Twin Falls

We asked and Twin Falls responded. Here are your answers to the question: Where are the most run red lights in Twin Falls

No surprises with one exception

As Twin Falls continues to grow, our main roads become more congested. And despite what newcomers say about how easy we have it in the traffic department, Twin Falls natives aren’t used to having to wait through more than one light cycle, let alone two.  Mind you, impatience mixed with change is never an excuse to run a red, and just because I can justify the desire doesn’t make it okay, or legal for that matter.

Locust was the most mentioned street in our survey

What’s interesting is that various intersections at Locust were the most mentioned on our survey.  Everywhere on Locust from Falls, to Filer, Addison, and Kimberly were named… So, nearly every single crossroad spanning Locust through the busiest parts of Twin.  Could it be that Locust is becoming a new north/south thoroughfare through Twin Falls for motorists who wish to avoid more congested areas like Pole Line and Washington?  If you live on Locust, I’d love it if you’d comment and let us know if you’ve seen an uptick in traffic over the last few years.

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