Roses are a symbol of love, but there are probably better flower choices for Mom on Mother's day.  Know what message you're sending with this handy guide.

Roses are pretty and classy, but they're also the go-to flower for romance, according to Romper, and maybe not the best choice for Mom on Mother's Day.

BUT!  It's the color that matters the most, so if you do decide on roses for Mom, pink, yellow, orange, or any of the thousands of hybrids that exist might be okay, and better than traditional red ones for this holiday.  If Mom really loves roses, by all means, get the roses, because tulips would be a big disappointment.

Tulips just scream spring (in their own quiet tulip way), and a bunch of them in a big gorgeous vase can look really luxurious on Mom's kitchen counter.  Romper says, "Tulips are the floral equivalent of a smile."  So if Mom has been stressed lately, tulips might be just the thing to cheer her up.

Lilies pop up at somber occasions sometimes, and white lilies are seen a lot in sympathy bouquets. Yellow ones are a little happier, according to The Flower Expert.  But again, there are probably better flower choices for Mother's Day.

Daffodils usually represent happiness, respect, and hope, according to Pro Flowers. And they're among the first flowers to bloom each spring, so they're in all of the flower shops and grocery stores now in abundance.  They're an easy grab for Mother's Day.

Carnations have been a big part of Mother's Day since the first time it was celebrated.  The Flower Expert says founder Anna Jarvis gave out 500 white carnations to moms to celebrate the first Mother's Day, and that sparked a tradition that still lives on.  Carnations encompass some of the virtues of motherhood, like purity, faithfulness, love, and beauty.  If there is an official flower of Mother's Day, the carnation is probably it.

Most of all, moms just want to sit down and relax and enjoy time with family on Mother's Day, and if there are some luxurious-looking flowers in the background that makes the experience even better.  I'm going to send my mom some carnations for sure.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

Mother's Day is May 12th!  Keep it here for more Mother's Day ideas, and really give Mom the spoils.  She deserves it.

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