I posted a picture on my Instagram stream last night of a questionable nature. It wasn't obscene, rude, or NSFW, but generally considered to be "gross." I wasn't going to post it here but after comments from several of the staff including Brad, I've decided to add it.

It's a pic of my dog Robbie. Wearing my denture.

The photo was met with a chorus of "yuck," "eewwww," "gross," and "that's nasty!"

Interestingly enough, Robbie seemed to really enjoy wearing my denture. The only reason I had my hand on his jaw was to A) keep him pointed at the camera, and B) keep him from chewing on my denture. He really wanted to chow down on it.

So what did I learn from my Bad Idea of the Day?

  1. I have too much free time in the evenings.
  2. Robbie trusts me too much.
  3. I have some pretty deep seated issues.

All in all it was just good, silly fun. And yes, I washed and disinfected my denture before I put it back in.

Don't judge me.

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