Easter is this Sunday and I feel like it is sneaking up on us like an April Fool's Day prank. Also, AFD is only a few hours away so prepare for that too. My wife and I are finally, actively, prepping for Easter. Meaning we have started talking about our plans for the day, so at least it doesn't look like it will pass us by. But we are still scrambling a bit to organize and get everything we need. Hopefully your prep is moving along smoothly.

One thing is for sure: we need to get bags of candy, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and at least a few packages of Peeps.

You can judge me for liking Peeps, I'll even admit that they aren't exactly delicious but they are an Easter essential. And science says I'm not the only one who feels that way. According to data gathered by Zippia, Peeps are actually the number one choice in Idaho. Which has to be some sort of joke. Zippia even points out that Idaho has more interest in Peeps than any other state. Yes, they are essential but there is no way they are a better treat than jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, or Cadbury eggs.

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I also have an issue with their study since the URL for the results is 'best Easter candy' but in the results they included boiled eggs. Yummy yes, but definitely not a candy.

Maybe there is something going on with Peeps though this year? Pepsi announced they are releasing a Peeps flavored drink and Kellogg's has a Peeps cereal.

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