The Most Influential Toys of All Time
I don't know why but I find myself obsessed with lists like this. I think it's because I like to read them and go over all the stuff that I think's missing.  So why don't we?  Read this list of the most influential toys of all time, according to Time Magazine and let me…
Make Money on YouTube?
Lots of people are making money on YouTube. Some of the videos you see are genius and others are simple, and almost stupid. It's hard to believe they are making money.
Hasbro Introduces Easy-Bake Oven for Boys
Ever since it was introduced in 1963, the Easy-Bake Oven has been marketed exclusively to girls, leaving aspiring boy chefs out in the cold. But that's about to change thanks to a campaign led by a teen girl on behalf of her four-year-old brother, who loves to cook.

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