A $139 Million House
Sometimes I complain that I can't find my husband in our house. I can't imagine trying to find him in a 60,000 square foot house!
A 60,000 square foot house just hit the market. It's the most expensive house that's EVER been listed in the U.S.  So, if you've got $139 MIL…
What is the Best Way To Get Rid of Ants?
Do you have sugar ants at your house? I feel like we may have built our house on the New York City of sugar ants. Last year I was able to minimize the amount of sugar ants in my house with ant traps, but I never completely got rid of them.
Magic Valley Paint Magic 2014 Application
Since formed in 1986 - Paint Magic has painted 628 homes in the Magic Valley! This year they are looking to paint 20-25 more. If you are a senior citizen and need your house painted make sure you fill out the Magic Valley Paint Magic 2014 application before June 6th.
The Most Expensive House For Sale In Twin Falls
We all like to dream about what we would do if we had a ton of money...for most of us that is just a dream. For others it is reality and you can buy whatever you want. Sometime the rich just buy the most expensive things because it is the most expensive. Well if you are rich and looking for a house …
Taking Your Shoes Off
Shoes are gross. We walk in public bathrooms, through mud puddles, across grass that has been used as a restroom for animals and then we walk in our houses. Some things in life you can look past others you can not!
Do you make your guests take off their shoes when they come into your home?
Haunted Houses
Some people don't get scared at Haunted Houses others are terrified before they even get out of the car and some people refuse to go to any haunted house because they are so scared. I personally don't know how people don't get scared. I am very jumpy so haunted house almost aren'…
House Sitting
I always thought house sitting was incredibly fun when I was younger. You stayed in someone else's place for free, ate their food and watched their cable. Things have changed. I can no longer house sit for someone without constantly worrying that I will forget to do something, their animals wil…
What Do You Really Think of The Housewifes on Bravo?
I know I am killing brain cells when I watch The Real Housewife's on Bravo but I honestly don't care. I love mindless entertainment. Although, I have to admit that the catty fights these broods get into sometimes make me feel extremely normal and level headed...
Coldwell Banker reports that the city with the most expensive average listing price was Los Altos, Calif., according to real estate firm Coldwell Banker, which released its annual home listing report Wednesday. In Los Altos, about 40 miles south of San Francisco, the average listing price of a four-…

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