Shots Fired at LAX
Police are currently investigating reports of shots fired at the Los Angeles International Airport. KMVT reports at least one person has been spotted with blood over their shirt. There are several ambulances at the airport. Reports from the scene say at least three people have been injured...
The Six Most Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired
The Six Most Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired:

People do annoying things all the time at work, and it usually doesn't get them fired.  But you definitely want to avoid doing the things on this list.  Here are the top six annoying things people do at work from
Man Loses His Job For Loving Green Bay Packers Too Much [VIDEO]

Chicago-based car salesman John Stone wasn't expecting to be fired when he wore a Green Bay Packers tie to his job at a car dealership on Monday. But that's exactly what happened, after he refused to remove the item at the management's repeated requests.
After the story hit the Internet, and complain…