Twin Falls Sheriff Warns of Scam Targeting Doctors
The Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office says a recent scam is targeting area doctors. Recently four separate doctors officers informed the sheriff's office that someone had called claiming the sheriff, Tom Carter, is looking for the doctor because he has a warrant for their arrest
Health Official Fired Over Meningitis Outbreak
BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts pharmacy board's director has been fired for ignoring a complaint that a company linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak was shipping drugs in bulk, in violation of its state license. The Colorado pharmacy board complained about the New England Compounding Center in Ju…
How long will you wait for an appointment? [POLL]
I totally understand that people run late, it is just part of life but how long will you wait for someone or something? I was at an appointment the other day and I ended up waiting about an hour past my appointment before I was helped. During my hour wait I found myself trying to decide if I was goi…