Top 10 Things Twin Falls Needs
Twin Falls is great! We have amazing scenery, tons of recreational activities, and a lot of great food establishments. But not everybody is happy. There are arguably a good number of things that Twin Falls needs. Here are the top 10 listener suggested things that Twin Falls needs...
Legendary Comstock & Friends Sale Returns to Boise
After about two seconds in a room with Robert Comstock, you get a sense that you are in the presence of self-made man who has it together.  Not only is Mr. Comstock a stellar clothing designer and a razor sharp business man, he's one of the most compelling individuals I've had the opp…
Ten Things Women Stop Wearing Once They Become Moms
A new survey found 78% of women say they made BIG changes to the way they dressed once they became mothers.  Here are the top 10 things they stop wearing.
1.  Short skirts.
2.  High heels.  Mothers wear heels an average of two inches shorter than the heels they wore before...
Pajamas In Public – Yes or No? [Audio]
There doesn't seem to be any middle ground on this one.  Either you're all about the comfort or you think wearing pajamas in public places is just a tad too casual.
Here are some calls from the show today.
Is My Shirt Pink or Salmon?
I know.  This is rediculous.  I got this shirt about a month ago and every time I wear it, people at the office say:  "Hey.  I didn't know you wore pink."  Then someone else said it wasn't pink, it was salmon.  Before I knew it, the whole off…

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