Facebook Annoyances
Most of us gather a lot of information from Facebook. We see who won the Golden Globes, if anyone won Powerball, and what Birthday parties and other celebrations our friends had over the weekend.
Even though Facebook keeps us in touch with entertainment, friends and families we are ALL are annoy…
Annoying Bathroom Habits
We all have good bathroom habits and bad bathroom habits. And a lot of us are completely annoyed by some of our spouses bathroom habits. So let's talk about it. What bathroom habit annoys you the most. According to New York Daily News,  these are the top annoying things men and women do in…
Rude Co-worker
We may love our co-workers or they may drive you crazy because you spend more time with them than anyone else.There's not a single person in the world whose co-workers are polite and considerate 100% of the time. So, if you had to narrow it down to the rudest thing that your co-workers do, what…
What Is The Most Annoying Christmas Song
I love Christmas music! But that doesn't mean I love all Christmas music. For every good 'O Holy Night' there is an equally horrible version. The same goes for almost every Christmas song. But... which song takes the cake? What is the most annoying Christmas song?
Does Your Husband Annoy You?
I will admit, that I annoy my husband on a daily basis, and he can slightly annoy me too. It just happens when you've been with someone for a while. According to a new survey from Female First, here are the ten things men do that annoy women the most. Is this list really accurate?
Obnoxious Facebook Posts
You know the best way to stop being annoyed by people on Facebook? Stop using Facebook. Just kidding. We understand it's not humanly possible to quit Facebook. So now back to complaining.
We've got a new list here of the nine most obnoxious things people post on Facebook. It doesn't in…
What Annoys You Most While Driving?
If you spend a lot of time in the car with your family you are bound to be annoyed at some point or another. Your kids can kick your seat, fight with each other, play with a load toy all while your spouse is being a backseat driver. According to a new survey from Yahoo Autos / Los Angeles Times, the…
10 Bad Habits That Spouses Hate
We all do things that annoy our spouses, but somethings are more annoying than others. According to a survey in Female First by a British website called, these are the 10 bad habits that women hate most in their boyfriends or husbands:
Political Posts On Facebook
You can't check your Facebook wall these days without seeing one of your 'friends' ranting about politics.  That may or may not annoy you.  But, according to a new survey, there's a good chance that . . . yes, it annoys the crap out of you.

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