Keeping a certain desired shape is not always a matter of genetics, exercise, and diet. Smoothing out the lumps and bumps streamlines everything into curves. Shapewear Day is August 10th. Shapewear can hold things in temporarily or with work and dedication, permanently.

This isn’t a recent development that just happened. Different shapewear practices go back to the earliest human existence. Skull shaping and foot binding were practices in early history. But to avoid a lengthy history lesson, we’ll focus on the torso, shall we?

How Did Shapewear of the Modern Age Evolve? Where Did it Begin?

Greek women used corsets to lift breasts and clinch the waist. Then steel corsets came into vogue. In the 20th century, whalebone was passed over and replaced by elastic with panels, pockets, and secret storages - very spycraft feeling. Now shapewear consists of nylon, polyester, and of course elastic.

Anyone squeezing into shapewear can attest to the process needing to be an event in the Olympics. It requires serious resolve, strong muscles, and a flair for contortionism. Breathe, pull, push, tuck, and shimmy into that shapewear. Sometimes, lucky individuals have the opportunity to use the restroom without having to repeat the process multiple times a day.

Serious body winching to the extreme continues today. The world’s smallest waist lies upon a corset enthusiast in Manteo, NC. Cathie Jung has corseted her waist to the extreme of 15 inches. This extreme type of body shaping is from using corsets.

There are concerns about constantly wearing shapewear, though. Skin irritation, infections, blood clots, pinched nerves, and digestive issues may accompany its use. I guess beauty is pain?

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Credit Canva

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