Some people in Idaho refuse to accept reality. Squirrels are a menace that must be eradicated from neighborhoods as soon as possible. They may look cute with the way they hold food in their paws when they eat, chase each other around trees, and twitch their tails, but they are more insidious than you could ever imagine.

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Don’t be fooled by their frolicking and chasing each other. They are most likely fighting for dominance, food, or mates. A lesser-known theory of squirrel violence is that squirrel gangs are trying to force out rival gangs in city park territories. They challenge new squirrels to cross roads in front of cars. If they live, they are in the gang.

Are You a Bad Neighbor if You Feed Squirrels?

Fat Squirrel in Backyard
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Feeding these bushy-tailed tree rats can incur the wrath of your neighbors. You may be willing to deal with all the damage squirrels inflict, but is it fair to do that to neighbors around you? In Idaho, the red squirrel reigns supreme. These little buggers can roam for up to 2 miles. That’s plenty of neighbors to annoy with your ill-advised squirrel feeding habits.

How Can Squirrels Possibly Be Bad?

Damage to home caused by squirrel
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Keep squirrels away from your home. They get into the garbage, eat your garden goodies, and wreak havoc on the home itself. They nest in gutters that cause drainage problems. Their evil little teeth that sometimes eat young birds also cut through shingles causing water damage. Once they get into the attic, they can chew up wires, rip up insulation, and leave droppings everywhere. That’s not Flowers in the Attic, that’s poop.

Dog watching squirrel
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There is a reason dogs chase squirrels. They are evil and dogs know it. They are trying to protect the home from the evil squirrel menace. Prevent squirrels from getting to your home. Cut back branches of trees from your home. Cover attic fans and vents, secure garbage cans, cover gardens with mesh, and if you must have bird feeders, put Slinkies on the poles.


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