I have always enjoyed staring at stars, looking for shooting stars, and hoping to see something extra strange or out of the ordinary. I never cared enough about the actual stars to learn any constellations or star formations other than the Big and Little Dippers. I feel that even if I had learned more about constellations it would still be difficult to identify them anymore.

Why Is It Harder To Spot Constellations and UFOs

The night skies are constantly changing now with the Starlink satellites. Some nights you can distinctly see the grid pattern of these new space dots and more are being added occasionally. When these new satellites are sent into orbit they really do cause confusion for people on Earth looking up. If you check out the latest UFO sighting reports at NUFORC, almost every UFO reported this year was actually a line of Starlink satellites. Understandably, people are confused and concerned when these new lights hit the sky because they look very unnatural. If you have never seen them, check out the video below.

What Do StarLink satellites Look Like

Yeah, that line of lights looks like the start to a sci-fi alien invasion movie. While the majority of the UFO reports over Idaho recently have been explained away as satellites, we do still have a good number of unexplained lights and shapes appearing in our night skies. Twin Falls, Boise, Chubbuck, Coeur d'Alene, and Driggs have all experienced unexplained lights. The unexplained, and therefore still UFO, sightings on the NUFORC site are highlighted in yellow.

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Arcgis also has a cool interactive map that lets you cycle through UFO sightings by year across the United States.

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