There are so many questions that I have! Why are they driving down the trail? Did they know it was a walking trail? How did they manage not to drive off the edge? HOW DID THEY GET THERE!

This is pretty insane. Someone was driving down the Canyon Rim Trail. The video starts outside of Sportman's Warehouse but the only thing I can think is that this person drove over the curb near the bridge, drove across rock and dirt and got on the trail that way. I think. Who knows.

You have to see this video for yourself. Just a fair warning there is a little bit of foul language. It might not be safe for work. Can you blame him though? I would be saying some things if I witnessed this.

And the craziest part is that they just keep going. Past what looks like a jogger and around a corner. If you look close enough it even looks like they have local plates! So we can't even blame a tourist for some reason not knowing that they couldn't get there.

What the heck?! So many questions left unanswered.

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