The last few weeks I have noticed that beef is flying off the shelves and at times it is taking a little longer for them to get full again. I definitely don't think this is the time to panic, but it is good information to know for the next time you go shopping.

I went to Smith's and there is now a sign on the meat stating that each customer can purchase one fresh beef product so they can better serve all customers. For me that is completely fine. I don't need anything more than one package of meat for me and my boyfriend.

My only concern is to people with large families and one package of fresh beef can't feed all of them. That is ok though because there is plenty of seafood options and I haven't had a hard time finding chicken. Both of those products are pretty versatile. I could eat chicken for a month and not repeat a recipe.

I had a hard time finding pork at Smiths a few days ago as well but I went to Albertsons and they were perfectly fine. Is there a bit of a shortage? Sure, but I don't think we all need to go out and hoard it like the toilet paper. We are going to be ok. Especially in Idaho. There are options for purchasing beef and pork from farmers. I think I might buy a part of a cow myself if anyone wants to go in with me.

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