If you are a fan of hunting birds such as quail, it is important that you know some quail are illegal to hunt and salvage. There are two types of quail that are on the protected list in Idaho due to their small numbers.

It is illegal to shoot Mountain Quail and Gambel's Quail in Idaho. These two types of quail have dwindling numbers and there is no open season on them. If you do see these two birds, Idaho Fish and Game requests that you let them know where and when you saw them so they can try to determine how the population is thriving.

The type of quail that ARE legal to shoot are California Quail and Bobwhite Quail. Even though it may not seem like it, there are some identifying factors that make these birds easy to identify. The Gambel's Quail is red on the top of it's head with a black plume on the top that sticks up.

Mountain Quail are identified by their chestnut throat and they have white bars on the sides of their bodies. They also have a long straight head plume. Mountain quails are found on brushy mountain slopes and forest. Again, if you see these quail Idaho Fish and Game asks that you let them know.

Other animals that are illegal to shoot in Idaho are: Canada Lynx, Pygmy Rabbit, Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel, Caribou and a variety of nongame animals.

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