It's National Mom and Pop Shop Owner Day! Twin Falls has an abundance of amazing mom and pop shops to choose from. So we asked what the best one was. Now, there are too many to choose from so here are a few.

You can't just say there is one mom and pop shop that is better than all others because they all deal with so many different goods and services. So, we asked an you guys definitely did not disappoint.

We got a lot of responses but some of the top ones were:

Norms, Buffalo Cafe, Daisy's, The Ground Round, The Pocket, Depot Grill, Hudson's Shoes, Don Juan's, Maxie's, T & T Cafe, Kindred Cauldron, Fredrickson's, O'Dunkens, The Music Center and Rudy's.

What are some of your favorite mom and pop shops in Twin Falls? Could you pick one for each service you need? Even if you narrowed it down to just restaurants, there are so many mom and pop shops the list is too long to name.

Where are some of your favorite mom and pop shops to frequent?

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