The people of Idaho have been begging for In-N-Out to come for years. Now, it looks like it is finally happening. The California-based company has officially applied for a permit to build its first Idaho location.

In-N-Out has officially requested to build a restaurant in Meridian. It would be located at The Village in Meridian. They are hoping to build a nearly 4 thousand square foot building that would also have a drive-thru.

I know a lot of people that are going to be ecstatic about this news and some who say that In-N-Out is overrated. I personally love it. Their animal-style fries are to die for.

As of right now, we don't have a time frame as to when they will even break ground. I have reached out to In-N-Out officials and they say they are excited for the prospect of building in Idaho and they still plan on opening one by 2025. I am hoping it is closer to 2023.

Right now the closest In-N-Out to Twin Falls residents is in Utah. Whenever I go to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas I have to get a double-double with animal-style fries. Hopefully, within a year that deliciousness will only be two hours away.

That being said, the line is going to be insane. A few years ago In-N-Out opened in Colorado at people waited in line for literal hours to get their food, some as long as 14 hours. It is going to be slammed. It may be 2025 before you get through the line. Fingers crossed Twin Falls gets one eventually.

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