It is hard not to smile when you see pictures of cute puppies. Let's help everyone smile by sharing all the adorable photos of our pups. We could use a break from the crazy.

When I think of puppies, I don't just think of small or young dogs, all dogs are puppies. I say we brighten things up a little bit and start sharing some adorable photos of our dogs.

And if you find yourself lonely in isolation at home and want a furry friend, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter is still open for adoptions. That means you can give them a call and make an appointment with them to find your new best friend. They do request people do not surrender their animals right now because they are incredibly full. But you can get a pup, this is the best time to do it. You have time to bond with it, you can train it and make sure it gets potty trained and entertain yourself in the process.

If you really think about it, this is the happiest time for our dogs. All they want in the entire world is for their people to be home with them all day. Now is your chance to give them that wish if you have to work from home. Unconditional love is something that can get us all through this crazy time.

So share the love and some of your favorite photos.

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