For those who may have missed it, south of I-84 on the Jerome side of the canyon, shooting is no longer permitted. The area used to be open for shooting and recreation, but now it is for recreation only.

Ryker Wagner
Ryker Wagner

South of I-84 is where the typical shooting areas were. I know I have been using that as a shooting area for years. Unfortunately, it is no longer permitted. Reports indicate that safety reasons and garbage were major factors in the decision. Even though illegal dumping still occurs, there will be less trash left behind by shooters.

Just a few years ago the area for shooting was scaled down. Prior to the change, it was pretty much open for all shooting and all dirt biking and the like. Then it was reduced to one side of the road and those taking out four-wheelers and dirt bikes were on the other side of the road.

A sign has been put up informing people that shooting south of I-84 is no longer permitted anywhere. This is quite unfortunate, but I can understand that there was a huge mess over there.

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This just solidifies more so that Twin Falls needs an indoor or outdoor designated gun range. Jerome has a great gun range, we could really use one here. The close places to practice or try out a new gun are diminishing. We need another place for people to go safely and without garbage.

The safety concerns I understand as well. There were a few times when I would be out there and I could feel shotgun pellets falling on me from over a mountain. there were plenty of times I could hear bullets whizzing past my vehicle. It was a matter of time. I just wish the few who caused the issues weren't able to ruin it for the rest of us.

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