Senior dogs named Bonnie and Clyde are at the Jerome Animal Shelter looking for someone with a big heart and room for both of them. Senior dogs that have bonded together and would make two of the best friends you could ask for.

Bonnie and Clyde are so adorable. They are lab mixes both over the age of 10 and would love nothing more than to spend the rest of their days making you and your family happy. According to the shelter they are good with other dogs, they aren't sure about cats. They are also good with children over the age of 10. That is understandable considering they are seniors and probably couldn't keep up with the little ones.

Just look at those photos! How could you possibly say no to those adorable gray faces? The animal shelter said it is $100 to adopt both of them, they get the vaccines they need as well. I know getting two dogs can be a bit of a handful but adopting these two love bugs separately would just be so incredibly sad.

Senior dogs are some of the best dogs. They are older, wiser, usually well trained and they are out of the puppy chewing phase. They don't have too much energy to cause destruction of your house if you leave them too long and they are the best cuddle bugs.

I have no idea how anyone could say no to these adorable faces. They may be perfect for your home.

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