For any of us who have spent any time in the dentist chair, this will come as welcome news: scientists have created a molecule that can make your teeth cavity-proof. And the best part? They plan to put the molecule in candy. Take that every dentist every where!

Gizmodo is reporting that the molecule, named "Keep 32," was created through a joint Yale University and Universidad de Santiago effort. Keep 32 can kill Streptococcus Mutans, that bacteria that produces cavities, in 60 seconds flat. As long as the molecule stays in your mouth for 60 seconds, it will eliminate the bacteria and make your teeth cavity-proof for hours.

Researchers are aiming to have this product on the market in as little as 14 months. They want to license the patent to dental care manufacturers like Colgate or Procter & Gamble, but also candy companies like Hershey's or Cadbury.

This breakthrough will change the dental care industry forever.


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