Ronnie Dunn fans will get a glimpse into his music library, as the country legend has been chosen to host a new show on Sirius XM’s Y2Kountry station called Road Trip.

Dunn will get to select a wide range of his favorite tunes to share with listeners, so not only will they hear songs from his new record Tattooed Heart, but they’ll be offered collection spanning from Aerosmith to Al Green and everything in between, according to a press release.

“I've said for years I'd choose my friends by who could get in a fast car or jacked up truck and take a cross country road trip with me," Dunn jokes. "For six weeks I get to be a mixing-the-fast-ones-with-the-slow-ones, country classics-with-the-rockers, pedal-to-the-metal, high-octane asphalt cowboy. I feel like a kid in the candy store and I cannot believe SiriusXM has turned me loose.”

Air dates and times for Road Trip are listed below.

Dunn’s Tattooed Heart, released Nov. 11, represents a unique take on the icon's style, as the title track is actually a cover of a tune by pop star Ariana Grande. Dunn says the song was brought to his attention by his daughter.

“My daughter brought it in and she threw the CD on the table and said, ‘Hey, go listen to that hotshot,'” he recalls. “She’s always keeping my nose to the grindstone and challenging me with stuff. I loved it. After I heard the Sam Cooke era melody I really liked it.”

Dunn is also in the middle of an extended Las Vegas residency with Reba McEntire and his duo Brooks & Dunn, where he says he loves enjoying the atmosphere.

"Vegas is great … We made a pact not to stay in our rooms and stay on the strip. We took in a bunch of shows. There’s always crazy stuff going on. The new Jason Bourne movie, they did the premiere in Vegas at Caesars and we got invited to do that. We went to Jennifer Lopez’s birthday party," he shares. "There’s always something going on."

Ronnie Dunn's Road Trip Air Dates:

Friday, November 11 at 6PM ET
Friday, November 18 at 6PM ET
Friday, November 25 at 6PM ET
Friday, December 2 at 6PM ET
Friday, December 9 at 6PM ET
Friday, December 16 at 6PM ET

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