I can't be the only one that still hasn't gotten my star card, I know, I am awful. The star card will essentially replace your driver's license and the deadline to get it and still be able to do things like fly commercially is October 1st, 2021.

I guess that is kind of one thing that is good about COVID. It extended the deadline to October 1st of 2021. In order to get the star card you need some documentation to prove that you are who you say you are and have it be issued.

There is a full list of acceptable documents that you can use to get the card. To establish your identity you will need one document like a valid unexpired U.S. Passport or birth certificate, just to name a few. You will need either a Social Security card that has not been laminated or a photocopy. It has to be the original. You will also need proof of Idaho residency. You need two documents to prove residency, the easiest ones to get is a lease or rental agreement, utilities account statements, a tax document, medical or insurance provider statement, a pay stub or even Idaho school enrollment records.

There are lots of documents you can use if none of those apply to you. There is a full list here at itd.idaho.gov/starcard

Just a reminder, it is not required in order to operate a vehicle. There is also a star tool to help you determine exactly what paperwork you need to bring based on the questions you answer.

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