Red Robin in Twin Falls will officially open on August 22nd and they are hosting a sneak preview celebration 8/17 - 8/20. The sneak preview is basically a training exercise to help get the staff up to speed.  If you want to attend you have to RSVP and make a reservation on the The Twin Falls Red Robin website.

Dates & Times
Wednesday 8/17, 11am-2pm & 4-6:45pm
Thursday 8/18, 11am-2pm & 4-6:45pm
Friday 8/19, 11am-3pm & 4-6:45pm
Saturday 8/20, 11am-3pm & 4-6:45pm

The website says that the meal will be complementary, which is typical of these kinds of events. They also won't be able to accommodate large parties for this event.