Choosing where to go to college is an important decision that can affect the rest of your life. It can determine your future career, who your lifelong friends are, who you potentially marry, and also how well you do in school or not. For some, a major university works, while for others they need smaller class sizes. What a person majors in can dictate selecting the right college, as schools specialize in different areas. It isn't an easy decision for a 17 or 18-year-old to make, but one that many of us had to make, and that our kids will have to make one day as well. We are all familiar with the Ivy League Schools and know them to be the best colleges in the country. While Idaho is not home to any Ivy League schools, what college is the best in the state, and which schools rank as the best in the state?

Ranking the Best Colleges in Idaho


When it comes to the best colleges in Idaho, many instantly think of Boise State. It is likely due to the football program, the blue turf, and the fact it is a major school in sports, but according to a recent study released by WalletHub that ranked the best colleges in the country, Boise State is not the best college in Idaho. According to the list, the best college to attend in the Gem State is The College of Idaho, with The University of Idaho being second, and Northwest Nazarene University rounding out the top three. Boise State did not make the list in the study. 

The Best Colleges in Idaho

Credit: leolintang
Credit: leolintang

How did the list decide that these three schools are the best in Idaho? They used a few categories such as admission rate, net cost, student-faulty ratio, on-campus crime, gender and racial diversity, graduation rate, and post-attendance median salary. The College of Idaho ranked first in admission rate, student-faulty ratio, and gender-racial diversity. The only category it wasn't in the top two, was campus crime. The University of Southern Idaho was first in the other categories, which were net cost, campus crime, graduation rate, and post-attendance median salary. These rankings are only for the state of Idaho and not the country. Northwest Nazarene University was not first in any category. 

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If you would like to see the full list of the best colleges in America, make sure to click the link above. If you have a child or grandchild contemplating which college to attend in the future, lead them to this list. While staying in the state is a better financial option, it doesn't mean it is the best school for your child, so perhaps this list can help you figure out where to apply. If Boise State was a foregone conclusion, you might want to rethink that plan. There are more good schools in the state than just these three, but if looking for the best, these are the top three you should consider to start the process. 

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