Potato 'Slick' Creates Road Hazard

According to a news release from the City of Twin Falls: Late on the evening of January 27, the Twin Falls Fire Department rushed to the scene of what was initially reported as a hazardous materials incident near Hankins and Kimberly Roads.  A massive spill of potato waste from a nearby processor had coated both eastbound lanes of Kimberly Road with a slippery, slimy substance.

Emergency Response

Around 7 p.m., firefighters discovered a 1.5-mile stretch of road covered in a thick layer of potato waste, causing vehicles to lose traction. The Twin Falls Fire Department immediately began directing traffic to avoid collisions and injuries. Despite efforts by the Idaho Transportation Department to use plow trucks to clear the starchy mess, the slippery substance proved stubborn.

Battalion Chief Aaron Hudson commented, "It was more of a safety hazard for drivers than an environmental hazard."

City of Twin Falls
City of Twin Falls

Coordinated Cleanup Effort

The Fire Department collaborated with the City Streets department, securing water trucks, and enlisted the help of the Magic Valley Regional Airport's maintenance team, who provided large runway broom trucks. This combined force of city snow plows, firefighting equipment, water trucks, and airport maintenance gear worked tirelessly into the night to clear the roadway.

Road Reopened and Thanks Expressed

By 1 a.m. on Sunday, their efforts paid off, and all eastbound lanes on Kimberly Road were reopened. The Twin Falls Fire Department expressed its gratitude to the Twin Falls Police and the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office for their crucial role in managing traffic during the cleanup operations. Additional cleanup responsibilities were delegated to the Burley-based company responsible for the potato waste spill.

You can get more details on the City of Twin Falls website.

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