I think I have seen more run red lights in Twin Falls than I have anywhere else. Some intersections are worse than others and we wanted to know what your experience has been. We got a lot of response and I am not sure we can pick one terrible intersection.

We have had a lot of suggestions so we want to know which is the most likely to cause issues in your every day commute. Personally, I drive Eastland a lot and I see people run red lights there every single day at pretty much every intersection.

However, I think a big reason that people run red lights around here is because the lights tend to be a little quick and people leave too much space between vehicles for enough people to make it through the light. This is especially true when people turn left on green arrows.

So we want to know what you think. Thank you for all the suggestions and information about all of your issues with lights around town. I know during the winter months some lights don't switch at all and people have to run lights just because they never turn green and there aren't cars to be seen. I admittedly did that several years ago at Blue Lakes and Falls at like 2 a.m. because the light refused to turn and I was there for about 7 minutes waiting. Ooops.

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