I have heard multiple parents say that their students are struggling right now with online learning. Some parents even are stating that their typical 4.0 students is now failing or falling behind drastically. I am wondering what seems to be the biggest struggles students are facing right now?

I know for me if I was in school doing online learning my biggest struggle would definitely be math. I struggled when I had a teacher with me at all times and had access to ask questions whenever I wanted. I could not imagine how hard learning can be for kids right now.

I know some children are struggling with the lack of social interaction and feeling isolated. Shoot, as adults we are feeling that, I can't imagine a kid who wants to be around their friends, make new friends and be outside of the house is feeling right now. Everything has to be harder for families during this time.

I am curious if there is a specific subject that students are struggling with most or if it is the fact that they are socially isolated as well. Kids are resilient sure, but there is so much they are missing out on by not being at school.

Whatever you believe is best for your child I would never try to say otherwise, I can just imagine how difficult school is for those who are good at school, and can't imagine how bad it is for those who typically struggle.

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