We have heard several reports from people on social media that people driving around Twin Falls with 5B license plates are being harassed. I am not sure how accurate it is so I wanted to know what everyone else's experience was.

Let me go on record saying I don't think it is ok for anyone to be harassed. You never know what people are going through. I also don't think that anyone from Blaine County should just be visiting Twin Falls just to be in Twin Falls. However, there are lots of reasons those people could have Blaine County plates and be in Twin Falls justifiably so.

Maybe that person with 5B plates lives in Twin Falls and hasn't changed their license plates yet. Maybe that person from Blaine County is coming down to help family that needs it right now and is actually staying here. There could be plenty of reasons someone with Blaine County plates could be here.

These times are so incredibly tough right now. Blaine County is the area that Coronavirus was first detected and seems to be hit the hardest. That does not mean that we can be rude to people. This is a time we all need to help each other. Again, I will not condone harassing of anyone, no matter what. Kindness is more contagious than any virus will ever be.

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