A Payette County police officer has made the first report of an Idaho unidentified aerial phenomenon to the National UFO Reporting Center for the month of March, 2021.

The March 2 incident was reported at approximately 2:00 A.M. by an officer for Payette County, which is located north of Boise, and 185 miles northwest of Twin Falls. The officer claims to have recorded an unidentified "strobing red light" hovering without sound, and moving slowly in an easterly direction toward the city of Boise.

The object reportedly moved across the sky and cast a flashing red glow for the duration of about 10 minutes, approximately 40 miles outside of the state's capital city. The officer claims to have recorded images of the object shot from inside, and outside, of the patrol car. The individual also believes the object couldn't have been a helicopter or plane, as there was no sound coming from it, and the flight path was not one normally taken by area flying vehicles; there were also no reported emergencies at the time of the sighting.

According to further details, the police officer followed the object for approximately one mile and stated that it increased in speed until it disappeared. The report was entered to the NUFORC a short time later, at 2:13 A.M. that same morning. The officer stated that initially he/she thought the light was from a cell phone tower, until it started moving at a relatively low elevation.

Having closely monitored the NUFORC site for the past several years, I don't recall any other Idaho reports to the national center coming in from law enforcement.

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