Craigslist; Free; Twin Falls

The Twin Falls family of a mixed breed puppy is moving out of state in the coming days and needs to find a new home for it. The dog's rehoming fee is negotiable.

The six-month-old, Pit bull-Boxer mix, has received its first round of shots, according to the Craigslist post dated March 20, 2019. The family describes the dog as "good with other dogs, cats and children," in the website's Twin Falls/Free section.


The dog is white and black, with some unique facial markings. The dark, "spectacle" type coloration over its right eye is a common feature of Pit bulls. The owners are asking for a rehoming fee, but appear to be flexible.


The dog's current owners wish to keep it in the area, as opposed to putting the animal through the stresses of a cross country move. In order to contact the family regarding a potential new home, just click the reply tab in the upper left corner of the post.