We have been hearing about it more and more lately. People are breaking in to homes and vehicles more often. This weekend it happened right outside my house.

I had some family in town over the long weekend so we had more vehicles parked along the road than usual. I park my vehicle on the road every single night and fortunately never had an incident. Unfortunately the same could not be said for a friend of mine.

My friend came over and was not planning on staying long. Well, they ended up staying the night and the next morning was missing a gun, bow and wallet. I will never blame anyone for being the victim of a theft, especially because I am positive it was an inadvertent thing to leave any of those belongings in their vehicle. Like I said they were supposed to just be passing through.

We also got a report of someone getting their Oakley sunglasses stolen out of their vehicle as well. He suggested that with school out for the summer these incidents will likely get worse.

I like to believe I live in a safe neighborhood and I will chalk this up to a random one time incident. However, I will say make sure you don't leave anything in your vehicle and always lock your car.

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