The Discovery Channel kicked off "Shark Week" on Sunday night with a bogus documentary titled "Megalodon:  The Monster Shark Lives", about a giant, 70-foot prehistoric shark that suddenly showed up this past April.

Some scientists believe the Megalodon really did exist at one point, but that it's been extinct for one or two million years.  Obviously, the documentary about it being spotted earlier this year was just as fake as Animal Planet's staged mermaid "documentaries."

The Discovery Channel's Facebook page was ON FIRE  yesterday with people ranting about "Megalodon", and how they wasted everyone's time with an elaborate HOAX.

Nonetheless, Discovery appears to have got the last laugh.  The network hasn't directly responded to all the hate, but they did announce that the special was the highest-rated telecast in the 26-year history of "Shark Week."

Here's are a small sample of the things that are being said on Discovery's Facebook page:

"I have lost all respect for [Discovery] with this . . . as there was no disclaimer that the footage was fake.  Nothing on the guide, episode info, in no way is the network making sure viewers are aware this is 'fiction.'"


"Opening Shark Week with something like that was a joke.  The acting was almost as terrible as the fake footage.  Completely dissatisfied."


"We want facts on Discovery Channel.  Leave fabricated science-fiction to the SyFy channel.  Shame on you for this Megalodon show."

I suppose it's natural to feel a little dupped by the whole thing.  The show had me going for a few minutes.  I think it's becuase we have come to expect real documentaries from DC.  But are we really surprised that with all the hype and attention on sensationalistic TV that even Discovery would want a little slice of that action?

What do you think?  Did you see "Megalodon"?  Were you annoyed?