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Do You Let Your Little Kids Watch Shark Week? [POLL]
I love shark week, but some of it can be gory and a little too graphic. On the other side of things...shark week isn't all about people getting their limbs bitten off. Shark week can be educational. My son and I have learned a lot about what types of sharks are endangered species, how long shar…
Shark Week Hoax
The Discovery Channel kicked off "Shark Week" on Sunday night with a bogus documentary titled "Megalodon:  The Monster Shark Lives", about a giant, 70-foot prehistoric shark that suddenly showed up this past April.
Some scientists believe the Megalodon re…
Why I’m Scared of Sharks
Shark Week is almost upon us!  I look forward to a week of watching these amazing creatures of the deep.  I dare you to watch the entire week and go swimming at Dierkes.
Divers Nearly Eaten By Humpback Whale
I know we're all looking forward to Discovery Channel's Shark Week as it's set to kick off on August 4th.
I've grown accustomed to seeing stories about shark attacks but never thought I'd see someone get nearly eaten by a humpback whale...
Here Come the ‘Shark Week’ Memes
Finally, Shark Week is here! For some reason America has a fascination with the week-long Discovery channel brainchild. It’s a time to celebrate sharks, their lifestyle and a chance to act intelligent because we watched the Discovery Channel the night before.