Papa Murphy's is one of my favorite pizza places in Twin Falls, especially after Papa John's shut down a few years ago. They have announced a relocation coming later this month.

As long as they aren't announcing a closure I think I'm going to be ok. The sad thing for me is now they are moving farther away from me. Currently, they are on Blue Lakes next to Jimmy John's. Starting August 12th their new location will be 1778 Harrison Street.

If you ask me it is more recognizable as Poleline. They are going to be between the La Quinta and Black Bear Diner. Technically Harrison Street, but also basically Poleline.

Is that going to prevent you from going? Or is it going to make it more likely for you to go? I know Papa Murphy's is a take and bake, but it is so good. Especially the cheesy bread. So mark your calendars for August 12th, don't try to go to their old location on August 13th.

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