JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) Fire blew the roof off a parked car in Jerome on Saturday. According to the City of Jerome, fire crews were called to the Ridley's grocery store parking lot at a little after 4 p.m. for a car engulfed in flames.

When fire crews got on scene they found one car on fire in the midst of several others. Firefighters discovered there had been several oxygen tanks inside the car prescribed to the owner. Some of the oxygen tanks exploded, blowing the roof off the car and throwing debri on the other parked cars and the grocery store. One oxygen tank ended up underneath another car a few spaces away.

Some of the tanks did not rupture prompting Jerome officials to call the Twin Falls Bomb Squad in for help. A total of six other vehicles sustained some sort of damage. No one was injured in the fire, however one person was taken to the hospital due to an existing medical condition.

Here is video shared on KMVT News from Woodrow Roberts (WARNING: SOME STRONG LANGUAGE):

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