This is a tough situation we find ourselves in. Kids are at home right now and even though they are doing distance learning, they aren't getting the structure that so many students need in order to thrive while learning. I suggest that during this time we teach kids what schools don't.

If you think about it, it is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids some hands on skills that a lot of school either can't or don't teach. Parents are so busy providing for their families and working their tails off a lot of the time they don't have the time to teach their kids certain things. Now is the opportunity to teach kids valuable lessons from parents.

  • How to change a tire - this is essential in my opinion to know how to change the tire of a car. If you are bored and looking for something to do, have the kids take on and off a tire. Show them how to do it and do it properly and safely.
  • How to cook - not all schools can teach kids how to cook. I knew plenty of college kids who weren't able to cook when they were finally out on their own.
  • How to sow a button - I will be the first to admit I still don't know anything about sowing. This would have been nice to learn.
  • How to fill out a I-9 or other tax forms - I had no idea what I was doing when I entered the work force. Explain it to them and teach them what it means and why it is done.
  • How to mail a letter - I am not sure that this ISN'T done in schools but I always forgot exactly how to do it, which lines do what. Always a good thing to know.

If you have older kids, it might be good to teach them how to do their taxes or how to get a mortgage, explain what a mortgage is and how it will effect them. Teach them what it means to have something that is "out of their budget". It was a hard lesson for me to learn that just because I made enough money each month to fulfill a payment did not mean I could necessarily "afford" it.

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