As the parent of a senior high school student in Twin Falls, I am surprised that I haven't received notification on how graduation is going to be handled this year. My daughter is supposed to finish what is arguably the most important academic stretch in a student's life, and I know nothing about the way the district is planning to handle the final days of the school year.

I'm not sure what the previously scheduled graduation ceremony dates are for all area high schools, but the school my senior attends originally had May 19, 2020, as its planned date. That is four weeks away.

I realize there are more pressing issues in life right now with the pandemic, job loss and a downward, spiraling economy, but shouldn't some plan be set in motion to honor the achievements our high school grads. Any hope of a senior prom is obviously not realistic with the current COVID-19 reality, but we still have a month to figure out a plan that allows our graduates the opportunity to walk in some type of ceremony.

Graduation day is something kids dream about. Walking up to the podium and collecting a diploma in front of family is a huge deal for high school students. I remember the overwhelming feeling of pride in that I was able to achieve this accomplishment in front of the very people that paid for my yearbooks, school fees, school trips, fed me, sheltered me, talked me down from the high school ledge over and over again, and just encouraged and supported me during that time in my life.

It's absolutely imperative that we come up with a plan to celebrate these student's exit from high school. Mailing diplomas, or curbside pickup, just won't cut it. Perhaps a small group of family accompanying their senior to the middle of a stadium to collect a diploma could work. We obviously shouldn't hold any gathering indoors, but I'll gladly get rained on if the weather doesn't cooperate on grad day, to see my daughter walk in some type of ceremony.

What about you?

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