Norm's Cafe is always busy, and now that they are back open it is no different. Unfortunately under the new guidelines Norm's is only allowed to use 50 percent of their tables inside. They have found a clever way to get around it.

Norm's Cafe made the announcement on their Facebook page that they have opened an outside space for people to sit and eat. The patio area is for curbside and you can enjoy the food on the patio. You will not be able to get a server it appears, but they are all super friendly and accommodating. I bet they have servers checking on the patio guests.

Seeings how we are only able to use 50% of our tables inside Mom has decided to make us a patio area for curbside, to go...

Posted by Norm's Cafe on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The patio space is super cute too. The tables look to be 6 feet apart and each table looks to seat two people. The tables aren't huge but definitely looks like a quaint little area to enjoy some food and some company. Norm's has some of the best food in town so this just gives me even more reason to go and visit. I love enjoying delicious food outside.

Call in orders are still available for curbside and take home as well. If you can get in early enough you might be able to sit inside. You can tell how good a local place is by the amount of people that eat there and Norm's is always busy for good reason. Yet they still have stellar service and amazing food. I am so happy places are open and making some changes to make sure they can serve everyone's needs.

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