I had never heard of a place called Dixie, Idaho before until I started searching for some small towns to visit. I came across Dixie, Idaho and it appears that no one can agree on how many people actually live there.

So apparently, Dixie Idaho is an old mining town that was a boom town in the 1900s. This little town ended up being a big spot for miners to come look for gold when the price of the metal went up during the depression.

Dixie started to boom after miners found "Thunder Mountain" which is also a ghost town now. Thunder Mountain was a major stop for the gold rush and Dixie was a deep outpost for miners.

Today, Dixie is part of the Gold Rush Loop Tour for history buffs to get more information on the area. Technically Dixie was a mining camp, turned boom town, turned ghost town. Now there are some people that live there, camp there, vacation there and even some retirees are there. However, it appears no one can agree on exactly how many people reside in this remote town in the middle of nowhere Idaho.

I am not sure if you are allowed to look for gold in the area anymore. My assumption would be no, but learning the history behind the area would definitely be something I am interested in. Plus who doesn't want to stay in a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere for a vacation spot? I know I do.

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